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(Feb 8/18) Please extend Innis Library hours. The late hours are very useful and appreciated. This library is the best and favorite study area for many of us. Thank You

Library response:

Thank you for your submission to our online suggestion box regarding late night hours at Innis Library after Reading Week. 


Last term, Thode Library began offering late-night studying hours earlier in the term, immediately after Reading Week, the same as Innis Library.  The impact of the availability of this additional study space on the use of Innis was significant.  Innis saw its number of users drop dramatically as Thode’s numbers rose, dropping down to more than half of the previous year’s numbers.  As a result, we found it wasn’t feasible to keep Innis open for late-night studying this term. 


However, we will be opening our space for late-night studying during the coming exam period.  You will find more details posted on the Hours section of the Library website.  We will continue to review our late-night studying offering for the 2018 – 2019 academic year.


(Feb 9/18)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)
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