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(Aug 21/17) Ive been testing out the new catalogue pretty extensively this week and I have to say it falls short in a lot of ways. Unless Im totally missing it, the place of publication has been removed from the catalogue listings. And the search by text function is gone. Are these features that will be added back? I know any new system is going to have growing pains, but this is really frustrating.

Library response:

Thanks for testing out the new catalogue and sharing your comments. 

The place of publication information is on our list to add for the new discovery interface; it's not included in the "out of the box" display settings, but we agree it's useful information. It does appear in the Classic Catalogue record display.

When you say "search by text", I'm guessing that you want to browse the catalogue. As with our previous catalogue, the main search box on the Library's website is all keyword searching. You can look for words together as a phrase in that interface by putting the phrase in quotes, but it won't present you with a browse result.

The Classic Catalogue interface does support browsing. With the exception of Keyword, all of the Classic Catalogue indexes are phrase searches and will look for records with your search terms in the order that you entered them. Choose the index that you want to search--author, title, journal title, subject, etc.--from the dropdown to get started.

I hope that helps. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch:

Wade Wyckoff
Associate University Librarian, Collections

(Aug 22/17)
Answered by: Wade Wyckoff (Associate University Librarian, Collections)

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