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(Jun 16/17) It would be greatly appreciated if the grammarly subscription is reinstated. It was extremely useful and helped me improve my writing. I know there is the free version, but it isnt the same. Thank you.

Library response:

Thanks for sharing your concern.  The library has been funding Grammarly for a number of years, paying a substantial figure for campus-wide access. With the fall of the Canadian dollar, the library's budget is under some constraints, and this product was identified as outside the area that the library typically supports.  We have approached other offices on campus without finding support to pick it up.  The alternatives are the free version, which offers a limited number of checks - , or an individual subscription.  Grammarly is offering Mac students a 50% discount off of list - – which we hope will help.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss this in more detail.

(Jun 19/17)
Answered by: Janice Adlington (Collections & Information Resources Librarian)

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