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(Feb 28/17) Can you please improve the air circulation in Innis library? I often find it hot here and some disgusting smell.

Library response:

Thank you for your comments about the air circulation and odour.  We apologize for the uncomfortable conditions in Innis Library.  The unusually warm temperatures has lead to the fluctuation of temperatures in our Library.  If you could provide us with more information such as the area you were in we can let McMaster Facilities know.  If this happens again please let the staff at the Services desk know as soon as possible and they can investigate the area and especially the smell.  We can place a service call in to McMaster Facilities.  I've walked around the Innis this morning and the air flow seems to have improved.  We'll monitor the conditions today and keep Facilities updated on any changes.  Thank you again for your comments.

(Mar 1/17)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)

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