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(Mar 21/16) Spaces that are labelled silent study such as the sixth floor are not being used by students in this way. There should be a better way to monitor this such as putting cameras or something to ensure that students are using this space appropriately.

Library response:

Thanks for your email. We agree, it would be great if everyone would use designated spaces as they are intended.

Unfortunately there aren't enough staff on duty at any one time to patrol all of our spaces, or to monitor cameras. We have provided an email address which can be used to report problems in Mills, Innis or Thode libraries. This email address is monitored at all times and a staff member will be dispatched to address the problem. We have posted this email address on posters in both the Quiet and Silent areas of the libraries.

Next time, feel free to tell us about the problem when it is happening - drop us a note at

Good luck on your exams!

(Mar 22/16)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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