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(Mar 2/16) The second floor on thode gets really loud, especially during exam time. I understand its a busy time of year, but sometimes there are people that crowd in big groups and talk really loud right beside people that are clearly trying to study. It makes it really hard to concentrate, even while wearing ear plugs

Library response:

Thanks for your email. We do realize this floor can get quite noisy, especially given the number of study seats on this floor.

Much of this noise is rising up from the 1st floor in the open area beyond the ends of the 2nd floor balcony. We will be adding acoustic panels on the round brick wall and hanging acoustic clouds from the 3rd floor ceiling to help address this issue, but we won't be able to start this work until the end of this term. We expect this to make a great difference in terms of noise levels on the 2nd floor.

If the noise is being generated by people near you on the 2nd floor, please first ask them to tone it down, but if that doesn't help feel free to send an email to This email is monitored by staff in Mills, Innis and Thode libraries. A staff member will be dispatched to speak to anyone making too much noise, especially as we approach exams. Please make sure to give us enough details to help us identify those making the noise.

Good luck on your exams!

(Mar 22/16)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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