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(Feb 1/16) Hello, Several suggestions related to the basement of Thode: There are many broken lights in the basement of Thode, especially in the study rooms. Would it be possible to repair these? The furniture (especially tables) in many of the Thode study rooms is decrepit and not terribly useful/flexible. Would it be possible to either find new tables or redistribute the existing furniture in a better way? The capacities of the Thode study rooms listed on the booking website are incorrect. For example, B106 is listed as 8 but comfortably seats 12. Would it be possible to update these? The appearance of the entire basement of Thode is rather depressing and looks terrible. Really, its the ceiling tiles that are the biggest eyesore.There are currently at least 7 missing and 10 with the skin removed that I can see from where I am sitting. Would it be possible to just remove them wholesale, as was done on the first floor? Instead of throwing good money after bad? I realize that this would be a significant investment, as the walls of the study rooms would have to be extended to the concrete ceiling, and the whole basement would likely have to be painted, but this seems to be the best long-term solution and it would give the library a more modern look (instead of the current 70s throwback). Thank you for your consideration.

Library response:

Thanks so much for submitting these comments. We agree with you that the overall atmosphere of the basement of Thode Library is basically just awful. 

We have recently completed a Library Master Space Plan which will provide us with a roadmap to renovate the rest of Thode Library and much of Mills Library over the next 5-10 years. These plans include replacement of things like ceiling tiles, lights, carpeting, furniture, etc.  In fact, we hope to start with some minor renovations to the lower level of Thode this summer. So stay tuned - it will get better!

Great suggestion about updating the capacity numbers for the group study rooms. We will take a look at these rooms and make these changes on the website.

(Feb 2/16)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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