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(Jan 21/15) This is mainly an aesthetics problem but Ive noticed the majority of ceiling wallpaper have fell or are in the process of crumbling - thus exposing the ugly ceiling structure giving Thode a ghetto dilapidated look. Its prominent on all floors as well, and eventually, all ceiling wallpaper will rot, crumble, and fall down. I was wondering when this will be fixed - Thode could look better than it does right now!

Library response:

Yes, we agree, this looks terrible. This has been an ongoing problem at Thode for years. We are in discussions with a company to see if the ceiling tiles can be replaced. We are always re-attaching the skins with spray adhesive, but given the age of these tiles the skin keeps coming off. We are working on this problem actively and hope to be able to find a solution soon.

Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion.

(Jan 21/15)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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