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(Nov 18/14) It is unfortunate how many students are disrespectful of the 6th floor silent zone. Every time I use this space I have to tell students to stop talking, which is frustrating because this shouldnt be happening. I have used the quiet@mcmaster email before, however, I wonder if a more effective approach would be to have someone patrol the floor every hour as my email isnt always responded to immediately. Its frustrating to have to ask this. I am baffled by how many students do not respect the quiet zone. I was going to also suggest more posters about how it is the quiet zone, but Im not sure how helpful that would be considering that I have often asked students sitting next to the giant SILENT ZONE letters to stop talking. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Library response:

Thanks for your suggestion. We will try to patrol this area more regularly, but in reality people quiet down when they see a staff person then the noise goes up as soon as we leave. We do try to make our presence felt more regularly during the time leading up to exams, and we will continue to do this.

We appreciate your efforts to resolve the problem yourself, and would encourage you to keep doing this by speaking directly to anyone making noise, reminding them that people are choosing to be there because it is a designated Silent Study space. And please continue to send emails to quiet@mcmaster. ca.  We do try to respond to these emails as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for your patience - if we all work on this issue we might make an impact!


(Nov 19/14)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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