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(Feb 12/14) Ive noticed that for about 1 year now, the internet connection offered in the Health Sciences library (be it MacSecure or MacConnect) displays extremely unstable behaviour. The connection is constantly dropping, which can be quite irksome at the high rate at which it happens. I thought the issue could be a system overload, especially now with the boom in smartphone use. I am wondering if the library is aware of the issue and if so, are there any plans in the near future for improving wireless capacity/stability? Thank you.

Library response:

Thank you for your comment on wireless access in the library.  The campus wireless network is managed centrally by University Technology Services (UTS)  It is my understanding that they are aware of the issues and have been working to address them.  For example, last year they expanded the wireless canopy on campus   We will pass on your feedback, though.  To assist us in identifying the issues, please inform us immediately when you experience problems connecting to the wireless network again.  Our IT staff will then be able to conduct a more thorough investigation.

(Feb 18/14)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems & Public Services, Health Sciences Library)

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