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(Jan 24/14) Is there anyway that McMaster students can receive access to a few additional scientific journals? Some of the very common medical journals such as Nature Reviews, Nature Protocols, and even the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) are not available to mac students. As a graduate student, especially those of us in medical research, it is extremely frustrating to be unable to access these articles. Moreover, the few times I have made requests through RACER, the quality of the print was horrible (it looked like it had been faxed over) and impossible to read. Inadvertently, many of us resort to asking our friends at other institutes such as University of Toronto, to send us copies of these articles. As a research intensive university, is there anyway to fix this? Or at the very least, offer better alternatives (i.e. providing a PDF vs a starchy black and white copy).

Library response:

Thank you for submitting this concern.  The good news is that McMaster currently subscribes to Nature Protocols and a number of Nature Review titles. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have a Nature Review title in mind that we do not subscribe to and I will gladly evaluate this for our collection.  I have heard from the University Library that they plan to begin a subscription to JOVE General.  I expect this will become available in the near future. You mentioned concerns about the quality of RACER requests.  This is a concern for us.  If you currently experience poor quality documents I encourage you to contact the Health Sciences Library directly so that we may resolve the issue. Supporting your educational and research endeavours is a priority at the Health Sciences Library.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have further resource concerns.

Andrea McLellan

Head of Collections and Technical Services, X24169

(Jan 28/14)
Answered by: mclell

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