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(Mar 24/08) Why are there no photocopiers on the first floor, when you enter the library?

Library response:

I am sorry you are having difficulty locating photocopiers, but since I am not really sure which library is being referred to in this comment, let me say at the outset that all campus libraries have photocopiers on their "first" floors.

If the comment is actually directed at the Health Sciences Library, I want to let you know that we have copiers on both floors we occupy in the Health Sciences Centre.

On the upper floor, where you enter the library, the copier is located in the Reserve Reading Room because that is the only place on the upper floor where there is a collection which may need to be copied.  On the lower floor of the Health Sciences Library, there are four more photocopiers.  One is located in HSC 1B12, and three more can be found in HSC 1B21.  These rooms are located at either end of the lower floor, so as to make copying easily accessed from all parts of the collection on the lower floor.

Information about the location of self-serve photocopy machines in each of the libraries on campus can be found on this page of our web site:


(Mar 31/08)
Answered by: Tom Flemming (Head of Public Services, McMaster University Health Sciences Library)

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