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(Nov 14/13) Hello, I frequently study at Mills Library in the Learning Commons area. I have found that the temperature in this environment is constantly fluctuating. Today, November 14, 2013 has proven to be an exceptionally hot day in the Learning Commons. As I look at the thermometer in the area at 1:42 pm, the temperature reads 91 degrees. This is not a conducive study atmosphere. I had come to the Learning Commons this afternoon because other areas in Mills Library were occupied. I find it difficult to understand why such extreme temperature fluctuations frequently occur in this library. I am hoping that this issue can be resolved in a timely manner. Thank you.

Library response:

Our apologies for the heat issues today. The large air supply fan which services the Learning Commons area has been replaced and is just now being turned back on after being out of service for almost six months. Apparently there was a problem with the controllers when it was turned back on, so temperatures weren't being regulated. We may still have a few glitches over the next few days, but after that we should be able to predict much more suitable conditions in this area.

Thanks for your patience while this problem was being resolved today!

(Nov 14/13)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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