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(Sep 30/13) The 6th floor of mills study is suppose to be a quiet studying place, but people tend to come up here with their friends and treat it like a place to hang out and talk. There are signs, but nothing is ever reinforced. Whats the point of having a silent study, if its actually a silent study but a hang out space?

Library response:

Thanks for sending in your comments. We do periodically walk through the area and remind people this area is a Silent Study floor.  

Please feel free to send an email to when you feel there are problems and we will send someone up right away. Make sure you let us know exactly where people are talking so we can come directly to that section.

 As we get farther into the term silent study becomes more and more important to everyone. We do hope people will self-police this area as much as possible, asking offenders to move elsewhere, or sending an email to the address above.

(Sep 30/13)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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