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(Mar 1/13) I have a complaint, while trying to study the workers fixing part of he library are extremely loud and obnoxious...and its in the very silent section of the library where they should be more considerate. I get that they need to communicate in order to finish their work but theyre close to each other and dont need to be so loud, especially when half of what theyre saying arent even work related but jokes/laughter. Its really bothersome when one is trying to study for a midterm/exam.

Library response:

Thanks for letting us know.  A staff member went down and spoke to the workers and we also checked later in the day.  The inappropriate noise seems to have stopped, but please let us know if this happens again.  The irony is that we are in the middle of a "Respect the Place, Share the Space" campaign, and we seem to be adding to the noise problems :-(

We knew that the repairs were going to be disruptive to our students who are trying to study in our space, especially those using the graduate student room and the silent study area.  The company will be working over the weekend to try and get this finished as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your patience, and please let library staff know if this or other problems arise -- help by being our eyes and ears -- and noses!


(Mar 1/13)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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