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(Feb 11/13) A few years ago we had floor plans for Mills, that could be accessed via the Library Floor Plans page on our website. Since the renovations, and the changes to the library in the past few years, the Mills Floor Plans were taken down, likely because they were out of date. The floor plans were extremely useful in directing people who were seeking out certain rooms from the stand point of being behind the front desk, but as a student I also found them to be a helpful resource. Are there any plans in putting up new floor plans? Even outdated floor plans are more useful than a lack of floor plans.

Library response:

Thanks for the comment. Yes, we did take the ones for Mills down because they were so out of date, but we do plan on replacing them with something basic to start, then perhaps a little more sophisticated down the road. Not quite sure when this will happen, but knowing that people actually did use them provides us with greater incentive to push these out. The floor plans for Innis and Thode are current. Stay tuned!

(Feb 12/13)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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