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(Jan 28/13) There are often people who are clearly not students or HHSC employees that utilize the Health Science Library on a daily basis and can be disruptive to students by either shouting / making unnecessary noise or taking up valuable study space at peak periods. It would be great if staff could take more of an active role in addressing these situations. At the very least, by stepping in when a non-member of the HSL is actively disrupting other HSL users.

Library response: Could you please give me some more details on where these people are being disruptive?  As part of our new Respect the Place/Share the Space campaign, Library staff, including myself, are doing daily walk-arounds.  However, we haven't seen anyone shouting.  If you see this happening, please let one of the library staff know so that we can address the problem immediately.   We are a public institution, so are open to anyone who needs to use our resources. However, respectful use of the space is expected from everyone.   Thanks for working with me on this,   Liz   We are aware that the group study rooms can get very noisy.  Unfortunately, noise carries and the rooms act as echo chambers.  We are investigating soundproofing to a few of the rooms, hopefully over the summer, to see if that will help contain the noise.  However, if groups are particularly boistrous, please let a library staff member know and we will remind them to respect the place and share the space.  Thanks! (Jan 28/13)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

I have also experienced this, usually when in a study room. People in group study rooms can, sometimes, be very loud. (2013-02-01)