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(Nov 8/12) I love the change to the second floor of being converted to a quiet study area. This allowed students a great environment to study in. The first year this was implemented in, the dividers were all removed and vandalized, while this year they are all bolted down. It is great that the university took the effort to maintain the quiet study area. The only problem that exists is groups of students tend to group study and group work on the second floor. This gets quiet annoying to the students who are trying to study or work on assignments in a quiet area. People would ask them to keep it down, but some students do get intimidated by 10 obnoxious students socializing and studying together. As well students sometimes dont like to be seen as the jerk asking everyone to keep it down. My suggestion would be to get staff members to make hourly rounds on the second floor, and this will get the message through to those always socializing. While I do understand that there may not be enough staff to do this, a couple weeks of maintaining rules will get the message out. Another solution would be to put the THIS IS QUIET STUDY AREA, PLEASE TAKE ALL SOCIALIZING AND GROUP WORK DOWNSTAIRS posted on every pillar in the library will get people to keep it down. The cost of this is VERY MINIMAL,(a couple of dollars at most) and the signages dont even have to be fancy just needs to get the message across. Thanks

Library response:

We are very glad you like the new Quiet Study area on this floor. Admittedly we are having some difficulties keeping the area quiet. Part of the problem is students working in groups. A larger part of the problem it appears is the noise rising from the 1st floor on the west side of the atrium. We are going to look into ways to add some sound dampening.  We will post more signage and do try to walk through the area on a regular basis, but until we are able to do something about the larger noise problem this will be a tough one to enforce. For now, may I suggest you use the east side of this floor, which does appear to be quieter, or the lower level which is quite quiet. We appreciate your patience as we try to resolve these issues.

(Nov 12/12)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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