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(Nov 6/12) Im sorry but this is rediculous. I see that it was said this was going to be worked on during the summer but has anything been done yet? The internet is practically unusable.

Library response: Can't disagree. Those are wretched response times. Were these values from a wired machine in a library, or using wifi? (Nov 7/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

Follow-up Comments:

Those results were gathered while connected to MacSecure wifi on the second floor (2012-11-09)

Thanks for letting us know where and how you were connected. Weve been conducting our own speed tests and have been able to corroborate your results quite easily. During peak times, upload and download speeds via MacConnect, MacSecure, and eduroam do indeed grind to a halt. We have shared these test results with UTS (they maintain both the wired and wireless networks on campus) with a request for their assistance in dealing with peak demand. This problem has grown more acute year by year as more people entering the building bring wifi-enabled devices with them (now, often two devices, both taking bandwidth). There are solutions, of course, but they do not come cheaply, and on a campus where there are entire buildings without wifi, it is hard to make a case that the library needs enhanced wifi capabilities. As I have suggested to other students who have noticed and commented on these slowdowns, please consider directing your feedback toward the MSU. They are an effective lobby when it comes to addressing these campuswide issues. D Askey (2012-11-09)