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(Oct 18/12) Why is the McMaster Library web site/catalogue/e journals/etc. so slow, in particular when accessing off campus? I use a variety of internet providers in a variety of places and countries, and I use Chrome or Mozilla or IE. I saw the excuse in another suggestion that it is an seasonal issue and happens to other universities. However, I always have speedy access at UOttawa, but absolutely laborious access at McMaster. If this is a problem with IT, could you discuss with them how your webpages do not load quickly and how it needs to be fixed?

Library response:

To separate the threads clearly: there are two issues in play here. One relates to the response time for our site, and in particular for any resources accessed via LibAccess, which is detailed here:


The other issue is the speed of the network within the library, and in particular, the speed of the wifi network. I've provided various replies related to that issue; this one captures most of the particulars and includes a suggestion for effective lobbying for a remedy:

(Nov 12/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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