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(Oct 12/12) Please let us know who to correctly contact for technical issues. After being told to call one person who never returned my call and waiting for a week or two. I came into the library and spoke to someone who went out of his way to help me and emailed me to make sure I got everything working. If I had known to contact him directly our lab would have not had to wait for weeks to fix our internet issues. Please put a contact sheet on your website. Thanks again Shanni.

Library response:

Thanks for the feedback.  I’m sorry to hear that you did not receive assistance in a timely fashion though I’m happy that the Systems department was able to help in the end.  The best way to contact the Health Sciences Library for assistance is to call the Information Desk at 905-525-9140 x22327 or email us at They will then connect you to the appropriate department or person.  The library also has a contact us page.  In order to investigate your experience, please contact me.  Neera Bhatnagar, Head of Systems, Health Sciences Library

(Oct 16/12)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems & Public Services, Health Sciences Library)

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