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(Mar 10/08) I think many quiet study areas do not allow laptop in there, right? at least, i think the study area on first floor, near the washroom at mills had a sign at the door that says please enjoy food and drink and laptop at other places. But people never follow these rules. I think people study at the quiet study room because they needed a really quiet place to concentrate (including me). However, those who do not follow the rules would use their laptop in the study room and start typing. I find this very irritating since I hated the sound of laptop typing. It really makes me mad and can not concentrate. I know that this might be only my problem but when I hope that people can obey the rules and dont type in the QUIET study room when it says explicitly that LAPTOPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Library response:

You are right.  The use of laptops is prohibited in the Silent Study Rooms on the 1st and 3rd floors of Mills (as well as the Silent Study Room at Innis).   (See the Personal Conduct Regulations at

Please notify the Circulation Desks in either library if someone's keystroking in these rooms is bothering you. 

(Mar 14/08)
Answered by: Vivian Lewis (Associate University Librarian, Teaching, Learning and Research)

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