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(Jun 27/12) hello, i say mice on different occasions since last year in healthscience library; another one popped last week when studying downstairs when it was all quiet; i think because the garbage is not emptied on daily basis during the summer ; would it be possible to allocate some resources towards a better rodent termination; would really appreciate it

Library response: We have regular pest control in the library and the garbage is collected every night.  However, allowing patrons to bring food into the library is a challenge.  Since both pest control and cleaning are handled centrally in the Health Sciences Centre, I will alert the appropriate folks to check this out.  If you could let us know where you were studying, it would be very helpful. Thanks for the additional information.  We will certainly be contacting the cleaning company with your observations and suggestions!   (Jun 27/12)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

hello, mice were seen in the medicine room and the Carrels when you go downstairs thank you (2012-06-28)

also just to add; i really did notice garbage from the day before ; and also the carpet is rarely cleaned ; we as students have noticed that the staff that cleans only picks up things left on carrols and tables but nobody wipes the tables or cleans the carpet; i think once a month would make the library much more sanitary (2012-06-28)

Hello, i just want to say , i really appreciate your efforts! the library is much cleaner now; and the garbages are being emptied on daily basis, THANKS Thank you so much for letting us know that the library is cleaner. Complaints from our users, particularly with details, really do have an effect! -- Liz Bayley, DIrector (2012-07-12)

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