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(May 23/12) All programs loaded on every computer has frequent upgrades. As a student who pays my
tuition, I assume that computers are accessible and easy to use at McMaster
University. I currently am not able to use any programs which require media streaming
to access my course pod casts because Flash Player has been upgraded. Although this
is an understandable notice, as programs are constantly and frequently upgraded, it
becomes a hassle to call IT and ask them to upgrade it and then be referred to the
Mills IT department as administrative access is required.
This issue is definitely common as I was told the Mills IT is not available during
the summer however, regardless whether IT is available or not, as a student who pays
for school, I assume and expect that services are accessible when needed. Just as
McMaster denies accessibility for grades and future course enrollment for students
who are behind on payments. Common courtesy.

Library response:

Thank you for providing this feedback. Indeed, program updates are the bane of any managed environment. We are taking steps to streamline this, not least by updating our hardware with newer machines that are more amenable to centralized management. We will be rolling out about 100 new machines over the summer, in fact.

I should point out that calling UTS about such issues will not remedy them. IT, as at any university of this size,  is not centralized at McMaster, and we run our own systems. Also, our core IT staff works year round. I believe what you were told is that the IT help desk in the Learning Commons is not fully staffed in ther summer, but this is an issue that they cannot remedy in any event. Feel free to use the suggestion box on our site to report issues like this, since then we can direct them to the appropriate staff without making you figure out the right path.

(May 24/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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