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(Apr 11/12) Dear Medical Library Staff: I attended your medical library this evening, and after working out the system as a Guest Login, and the print system that you utilize I was hit by an inability to print the journal documents that I had searched. While originally informed that EquiPrint would re-imburse for the articles that didnt physically get printed (due to running out of paper without warning ! that seems odd for such a sophisticated system), your front staff requested input from your technical support. I just wanted to thank you (and mostly Shani) for recovering the unprinted PDF downloaded journal articles that I had searched for my research. The time saved alone was much appreciated, and he handled the situation, managed to print my documents elsewhere, and my travel, search and evening were not lost while the system remained down. I sometimes think that people dont get thanked enough when they come through for someone. SO THANKS AGAIN !!!!! Dr. Berge

Library response: Thanks for letting us know about Shani's exemplary service.  Technology is wonderful when it works and painful when it doesn't, which is why our staff, particularly our systems staff, puts people's needs first.  (Apr 12/12)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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