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(Mar 24/12) The silent study space needs to be monitored. People are not following the rules and rudely talking. Librarians should make attempts to remove those individuals.

Library response:

I am sorry to hear that other students are interfering with your ability to study in the silent study area. We are currently monitoring the area on a regular basis and are working on a plan to do this more frequently during the exam period. It is important to note that the silent zone is located on the lower level at the back of the library. It is our intention to monitor this particular area most closely. However we do not have the staff resources to have a constant presence in this area and unfortunately noise often rises again after the staff person leaves.  The Regulations Governing Behaviour in the Health Sciences Library ( explicitly states that “Conversation is not permitted in the Silent Study area on the lower floor” and outlines consequences. Despite our best efforts we can’t always ensure complete compliance with the policy.  It is our expectation that students will self-monitor when necessary and will let each other know when noise is disturbing their studying.  In addition, we rely on signage to designate this area as a silent study area.

(Mar 26/12)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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