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(Mar 15/12) Is it possible to have an entrance to HSL from the outside, instead of having the sole entrance from HSC. Its not only convenient but it also isnt very logical going upstairs into HSC only to go downstairs again to the study carrels. I think having double doors in the reading pavillion emergency exit would be very beneficial in addressing that, but also maintaining the needed level of quietness.

Library response: The main floor of the Health Sciences Centre is actually the second floor, which is why the entrance is located there.  We report directly to the Faculty of Health Sciences and support their faculty, staff and students.  It wouldn't make sense for all of them to have to go downstairs and outside to come into the Health Sciences Library.  We don't have the staff or the security in place to set up another entrance for non-FHS users, so sorry, you are going to have to climb some stairs.  The good news is that stair climbing uses more calories per minute than jogging, reduces cardiovascular risks and increases leg strenghth and joint flexibility! (Mar 15/12)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

I agree with this comment. However the mills library also have two entrances and it functions fine. (2012-03-18)

The Mills Learning Commons is a staffed area, and the IT Support student assistants monitor access during core hours, with security guards being hired for hours when Mills is closed but the Commons area is still open.  The Reading Pavilion in the Health Sciences Library is different - it is not a staffed area with computers. Liz Bayley (Director/Head of Systems) (2012-03-19)

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