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(Mar 2/08) Despite the signs posted which declare the quiet study places as quite they are often the meeting place for group projects. Some groups talk quietly, some groups speak at a regular volume, and some groups yell over each others voices. Yet, all are equally annoying and disturbing when trying to work. If the library wishes to improve their services, resources and facilities they will do something to improve the quality of the silent study spaces, perhaps dedicating one to total silence on an upper floor and making more spaces for group study.

Library response:

Thank you for taking the time to comment on noise in the library.  We agree that the libraries are noisy.  We attribute at least part of the increase to the sheer number of students using the Library.  As the density of students in our study areas increases, the volume level naturally climbs.  As well, we notice that students' learning behaviours are changing - more and more assignments are group based.  Even those students working on individual assignments seem to prefer to sit with their friends in group environments. 

We always respond to complaints regarding noise in the study areas - and often do ask uncooperative individuals to leave the building.   But we do not have enough staff to monitor the floors at all times.  When we do, we find that the noise stops for a few minutes, then starts up again after the staff member leaves. 

We ask individuals using our study areas to exercise courtesy and keep noise levels down - especially as we head into the exam period.

(Mar 14/08)
Answered by: Vivian Lewis (Associate University Librarian, Teaching, Learning and Research)

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