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(Jan 8/12) Hi so last year (term 1 of 2011-2012 term) I noticed that there was no internet (wifi was VERY VERY weak and unreliable and the ethernet ports were not working) in 4th floor study rooms of mills library. I had expressed this concern last year and was hoping that it can be fixed. Much thanks.

Library response: Sorry to hear about the problems you were having with the network. Two staff members checked signal strength in the study rooms on the fourth floor (402, etc.) today and the signal strength was strong and steady. It may have been a transient network issue that caused the problem. These tend to occur predictably at the beginning of each term when usage spikes. You are correct that the wired ports do not work. For a variety of reasons, we encourage students to use the wireless network. (Jan 9/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

Follow-up Comments:

oh perfect! thank you so much! will be booking rooms again now! (2012-01-10)

Hello again. So we are in L403 right now and the internet we are getting is still very slow. We measured the time it took to load a web page and it took 2.5 minutes to load one web page. I am currently using my smartphone to post this which, sadly, has even faster internet than what we are receiving on our laptops. We dont have internet speed problems anywhere else that it is available on campus. This problem happened all throughout last year. Not just at the beginning of the terms just to add. I hope this can be resolved. Thank you. (2012-01-12)

I just checked the speeds personally and found them acceptable. Your reports make sense to me, however, and I suspect that what happens is that when the large quiet study fills up, the bandwidth gets hacked into many small pieces, which degrades speed dramatically. We do not maintain the network in our building, but rather UTS, so I will pass this information on to them for potential resolution. D. Askey (2012-01-13)

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