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(Oct 31/11) I can only applaud the new open lay out of the 2nd floor of Thode, while I lament the loss of the journal hardcopies like Can. For. J. Res, I can live with it if the layout of 2nd floor remains as is; bright, open, relatively quiet, not overcrowded. Is it the libraries intention to just furnish the 2nd floor of Thode? Or to turn it into another Club Mills with giant screened Macs everwhere? If its the latter, itll be a tragedy. My only concern is the decision to construct the new furniture...while everyone is working on said floor. Nobody likes woking with a power-screwdriver going off every ten seconds. Is this likely to be the norm for the next few weeks?

Library response:

We are glad you are pleased with the new area on the 2nd floor of Thode. The plan is to have a variety of seating types for 400 users, all intended to be used individually. Approximately 1/2 of these spaces will have access to power, for use with personal laptops.

There will be no computers on this floor, with the exception of a couple of general access computers at the entrance and a microform reader/printer, and a Sharp printer/copier. This floor will be designated as QUIET. 

In terms of when the new furniture will be arriving, we are still not quite sure, but if it can't be installed and in place before exams start, we will wait until after they are over. We do realize how much commotion and noise is involved with unpacking and putting these types of things together.

Should look great when it is all done, and we know the extra seats will be welcome!

(Oct 31/11)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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