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(Oct 4/11) Could we please get the out of order computers fixed. Many have been broken since summer. Why do we have a IT help desk if they cannot fix the computers. It is unacceptable that we have increased prices/tuition yet we do not receive proper services. All computers should be in working order with no exceptions, what are the IT people up to all day? Why cant the upper year computer student fix the computers as a co-op?

Library response: Thanks for contacting us with your concerns. It is always very helpful for us to know specifically where you encountered the issue, so please do let us know as many details as possible.Our IT staff does excellent work considering the number of computers in their charge and their numbers. Alas, having all computers working all the time, while a noble goal, is rarely realizable, not least when one considers the relative fragility of computers. Many of the problems we encounter can be traced to machine misuse or to actions such as unplugged network and power cables (people do this to use the power or network, and do not put it back). We are taking steps, however, to tackle some of the problems more aggressively. Over the past six months we have implemented an automated inventory system which allows a higher degree of remote desktop management, and we also resumed the replacement cycle for computers, which had been halted for several years due to budget constraints. Within the next few weeks around 50 new PCs will be deployed, which will allow us to retire many of the known problem computers. (Oct 5/11)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

Follow-up Comments:

As a member of the IT Help Desk, I dont think you understand what we do. We are here to troubleshoot problems with printers and network issues. When a computer is out of order, I would personally fix it but WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO. (2012-01-30)

We are looking at changing that rule about who can troubleshoot. D. Askey (2012-01-31)