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(Sep 16/11) Hello
the internet in the campus begin at this semester become very slow, you have to
reload a page couple times some times does even display. and also the PDF software
not working well. it tells me use PDF escape ever since i try to open some PDF file.
it either does not display or its tell me too big to open and get a premium. I wonder
how to do research in library if cant read big PDF file.

Library response:

Thanks for your comments. Yes, at the beginning of the semester the network certainly does get hammered as everyone comes back on line. The network backbone is operated by UTS, and bandwidth is of course finite. We do what we can to optimize within the libraries, but many of the issues are campuswide in nature.


 Regarding the PDF issue, it would be very helpful to know where and when the issue occurred. All of our public computers have numbers assigned to them. If you can share the number, we can investigate.

(Sep 16/11)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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