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(Sep 8/11) (The following comments were submitted through our suggestion box at the desk). I suggest that you ban eating in the library. Particularly hot food in the close confines of the quiet study at Innis. If the libraries dont want to enforce it at least put up a sign and let students enforce it themselves. Thanks.

Library response:

Thank you for your comments regarding food in the silent study area of Innis Library.  We appreciate you making us aware of this problem because according to our policy regarding eating in the library it is not permitted in the silent study areas.

We are creating better signage to make everyone aware of this policy.  Please do not hesitate to ask a full time staff member for assistance if this happens again.  We would be more than happy to speak to the person.

 Thank you again for your comments.

(Sep 8/11)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)

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