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(Aug 23/11) Can someone please clean the keyboards/mice of the computers in the Learning Commons (Mills 2nd floor)? The Apple computers all have white peripherals and it looks like they havent been cleaned in years, most of them are covered in brown dirt and they look disgusting. They should be cleaned before the new students come in September because it looks/feels disgusting when using the keyboards and it is probably becoming a health risk. A few Lysol wipes should be able to remove this dirt. I am not joking about how disgusting this looks, and Im surprised no one has brought this to the library staffs attention. Cleaning up the keyboards regularly will go a long way in improving the librarys image and making students want to use this learning space, because the facilities are actually quite good other than the dirt that has built up on the computers over time. Thank you.

Library response:

Thanks for the feedback. This cleaning gets done periodically, and was a bit overdue this time around. Based on your note, we have it scheduled to be done before classes start. 

(Aug 29/11)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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