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(Aug 17/11) The fact that there is a TV broadcasting *with sound* in the entrance/new book display area is a problem. It is not evident how to turn down the volume, and the Circulation workers say they dont know how to turn down the volume. This area of the library has seating that is very inviting for reading. The sound from the TV is distracting. Furthermore, the hum of that sound is audible on the entire floor. (Mind you, Im writing this in August, when the library is a quiet place to which to retreat to do some reading and study - which I realize is not always true during the academic year.) Anyway: there are noise issues that one can control, and those that one cant control. Given that this is a library - a space for reading and study - please dont add unnecessary noise pollution to this space.

Library response:

Thanks for your message. Sorry we are just seeing it now.

We do try to keep the sound on both our digital displays low or off. I will make sure all staff know how to do this. Unfortunately the louder "hum" is from the beverage vending machines. This happens when as their compressors kick in to make sure the drinks stay cold, but then goes off again.

(Sep 19/11)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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