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(Apr 9/11) Hi, I would just like to know what can I do if a fellow student is being loud after you have told him to be quite, in the quite study area. Will it be reasonable to tell on the library staff. Also why is it that Students are allowed to use cell phones in the library area It is really annoying and distracting.

Library response:

Thanks for your comment. We do understand how frustrating it can be if you have asked someone to be quiet, especially in a quiet study area, and they don't comply. You are welcome to speak to the staff at the service desk and they will speak to the noise offender themselves.

As far as cell phones are concerned, we have asked that people put them on vibrate when they are in quiet study areas and that they move away from the area when they take a call. Given how students use cell phones these days it would not be possible to prevent their use in the library.

(Apr 9/11)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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