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(Mar 29/11) Like Innis, have power bars, extension cords, etc for rent. 1 hour time limit, accessed through scanning the student card. See Innis for supplies and setup. (Printed suggestion, entered by staff, March 29, 2011)

Library response: I was not aware of this and cannot find any  information on the Innis website.  I assume you mean for  loan, not for rent?  Whatever, I simply don't have the budget or the staff to consider this in addition to our laptop and projector loan service.  Sorry! (Mar 29/11)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

Please refrain from using childish vocabulary (ie. whatever), in order to be little students for suggestions of improvement. As all students are just looking to better their library experience and it is rather insulting to have suggestions met with such a harsh tone by library administration. Thank-you!!! (2011-03-31)

REPLY TO COMMENT: Hm... the tone wasnt meant to be childish or harsh, just a quick reply stating the facts. Neither the original suggester or you gave me any contact information to follow up. Email me at or phone me at ext 22545 if you want to discuss this further. I certainly dont want you to feel belittled!  Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library (2011-03-31)

Follow up comment: Seriously? It must cost like 13 dollars for a simple power bar. buy 10, that makes 130$. I expect that you could probably find 130$ in the budget. REPLY TO COMMENT:OK, so someone tell me why the library should be providing power bars? What are they being used for? We already lend laptops and projectors, but they come with their own cords. Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library. (2011-04-04)