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(Feb 24/11) I love Health Sciences library and have been studying there for years with no real issues. However, when I was on the upstairs floor one day at the tables near the offices, I was eating a sandwich while studying. One of the staff? or people working at the offices? was walking by and really rudely asked me to put away my food because it was not permitted in the library. I told him that I had been doing this with no problems before but he was very abrupt and insistent I put it away. It was rather embarrassing and he was very rude. I looked at the policy online and found that cold food is allowed, so I was hoping that all the staff or people who work in the library could be informed of this. Thanks.

Library response: You are indeed allowed to eat cold food, including sandwiches, in the Library.  Hot and fragrant foods are not permitted because fellow users have complained about food odours.  We will review our food policies to ensure that they are correctly and courteously enforced.  My apologies for your unfortunate experience. (Feb 24/11)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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