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(Nov 10/10) I completely disagree with the decisions to reduce the operating hours of Innis Library on Fridays and to close the library altogether on weekends. I urge the University Library Administration to reconsider this decision, and to return this educational asset back to Commerce students.

Library response: The decision to close Innis on weekends was made based on gate counts and usage statistics kept by the staff at the Innis service desk. All libraries on campus have now closed on Fridays at 6pm since we did not feel the use of our spaces warranted the cost of staffing and keeping the buildings open. As I am sure you are aware, the university is facing a difficult financial situation and the library had to evaluate where best our limited and valuable resources could and should be used. PLEASE NOTE: The Health Sciences Library is still open until 9:45 on Friday evenings.

Once we get closer to exams we will be re-opening Innis on 2 weekends in the fall, and 3 weekends in the spring, for extended hours. We were also trying to find a way to arrange Late Night Silent Study (11pm to 8am) @ Innis, but to date have not been able to secure the funds which are required to move forward with this plan.

A meeting has also been scheduled later this week, concerning the Innis weekend closures, with the Associate Dean for Business, John Medcof, myself, the manager of Innis and Maggie Woo, who will be representing the Commerce students. Here we can investigate what solutions might be possible and would work for all parties. I will make sure we post the outcomes of this meeting so everyone is updated.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what your concerns are.

(Nov 10/10)
Answered by: pottier,bayleyl
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