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(Oct 20/10) To Whom this may concern, Disgusted by the complete disregard for noise levels in the Science Library known as Thode. The least I expect is that areas designated for quiet study should be so. Why is there an excessively loud blender noise that resonates to the second and third floor...maybe its because of a cafeteria set up on the main floor of Thode library. Who are the foolish brains behind making Thode into a student center and a makeshift coffee shop? Clearly not dedicated academics. Its ridiculous that the entire main floor becomes a rowdy mall from 11am - 3pm, peak study hours... What happened to the concept of a library... a true center for learning... What a Joke this Library has become... but its no wonder - the leadership is not even remotely aware. Lets see how the University fairs in the next rankings - there is only one library that fosters a quiet study environment and that is Health Sciences - unfortunately not all students can fit into one reading coffee shop setup in the library - we have three coffee shops within 200 meters of the library already, Mary Keys, Mohawk Building and BSB/JHE... There should primarily only be book shelves and desks so that information can be absorbed...quietly and naturally...notwithstanding that there already is an area designated where students can eat their lunch within the facility... why compromise the integrity of the facility? Start by posting a $12/hour job that includes book shelving and physically walking through the library to conduct monitoring..for the security and safety of a student... Lets not forget the honorable H. G. Thode, a man who obtained numerous academic qualifications and his personality was embodied within the library atmosphere...imagine what he would think walking into this place today as a Graduate and post graduate level academic and leader...where have our standards gone... weve dropped our levels to having to deal with some chump from Detroit : Good Riddens Once a beacon for silent study - always pin drop silent has now morphed into a pathetic attempt to appease an ill conceived strategy.

Library response:

Thank you for your note. The University Library is dedicated to maintaining a variety of spaces for all students. Earlier this week the library administration met with a group of graduate students to discuss the future of graduate student space in all of our libraries. On their list of concerns was quiet study. In the coming months we will be moving ahead with plans to address their concerns. We recognize that there are many often competing needs and we are attempting to meet all of those needs, both for quiet study and for collaborative spaces, including cafes.  Jeffrey Trzeciak, University Librarian

(Oct 21/10)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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