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(Sep 14/10) Ive used the group study areas in the basement of Thode since my first year here and I am disappointed to see them from being halved last year to being totally removed this year. I find it that the group areas in the first floor are way too noisy compared to the basement. That space was often used by groups and filled much more quickly than the first floor and there are reason to that.

Library response: Thank you for your comments.   We have done some moving of the furniture and relocated some of the seating, but we haven't actually reduced the number of seats available.  Part of the rationale for doing this was to allow us to consolidate the book collection, which is something our users had asked us to do.  We also tried to keep like types of study space together (carrels vs. tables).  There is some additional group study space available on the 2nd floor along the windows on the south side of the building if you'd like to try out this space.  I agree that the group spaces tend to be noisy, especially on the first floor, but I hope you find that the 2nd floor space is better for you.

(Sep 15/10)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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