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(Sep 9/10) I would like to know why silent study rooms are being replaced or eliminated especially at Mills. I believe the one on the first floor was donated by a graduating class 50. I dont see how a donation can be undone. I have spent much of my first 3 years at McMaster in that room and demand for seats was always high. I really like Mills library and cant understand why the students who use these rooms arent consulted before they are eliminated.

Library response: Thanks for your comment. We do understand the importance of Silent Study spaces. We are in the process of renovating most of the study spaces at Mills which unfortunately will mean that at times we will have less of some types of spaces. At the moment, there are no Silent Study spaces. Be assured we will be re-creating these elsewhere in the building, but as we are in flux at the moment it is not yet possible to say exactly where these new spaces will be created. (Sep 10/10)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian),Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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