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(Jun 2/10) Today I needed to check out a book on reserve for a midterm I have tomorrow, however when I arrived, the book was already checked out (and there is only one copy). The textbook wasnt returned at the end of the two-hour time slot, and as a result, I had to scramble to get a hold of the textbook from another source!! This has happened to me before in another course. Can you please adjust your borrowing/return policies for books on reserve to ensure they are returned on time? Perhaps increase the fines, or restrict the book from being removed from the library so that the person can be tracked down.

Library response:

Thanks for submitting your comments.

Unfortunately, we have little control over when a person will return a reserve item.  However, we do our best to contact that person when an item is overdue.  If you find you have the same problem in the future, please inform our service desk staff and they will make sure the person is contacted right away and is asked to return the item as others are waiting to use it.

Our policy is that we do not routinely purchase textbooks for the library collection, and they are not often available as reserve items.  You can check the bookstore to see if they have the textbook you require for purchase if it's not available as a library reserve item.

Some of our reserve items are for "in library use only", but again, there is no guarantee that they will be returned exactly on time.  Thanks for your comment about increasing fines for reserve materials.  The information you have provided for us is good for us to know when we consider changes to our policies and fine amounts.

Please don't hesitate to communicate with our service desk staff if you encounter problems. They may be able to offer alternatives to you.

(Jun 4/10)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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