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(Jan 13/10) As a frequent user of the computers in Health Sci library I was wondering if there is any maintenance or general cleaning that can be done to the keyboards themselves. Many are missing both tabs on the bottom, or have one tap missing, and the are generally in pretty bad shape. They are dusty, and food is lodged in between the letters. I think there should be either postings not to eat around the computers, or having sanitizer near the computers reminding ppl to use them.

Library response: The public computers in the Health Sciences Library are heavily used throughout the year.  As a result, they do get dirty.  The computers are checked daily and the keyboards are cleaned regularly.  A quick survey of the keyboards by our IT staff showed that they are in good working order.  There are a few with broken lifts that support the base of the keyboard however the keyboards themselves are functioning properly.  The public computers are now three years old and have held up well during that time.  Our staff frequently reminds users to refrain from eating around the computers and we will add signs to reinforce this policy as per your suggestion.   Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems, Health Sciences Library) (Jan 18/10)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar

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