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(Dec 17/09) I understand the justifications for why only Health Sciences students can book study rooms but many times I have seen students who I know are in Health Sciences in them alone or with one another person working seperately on computers not involved in group work at all. Ive also talked to many students who booked them in advance just in case but many times do not use the. This abuse of priviledges will always occur if only one faculty has the right to booking a room (no matter what). Also from what I understand the Health sciences office can book tutorail/meeting rooms on the spot in MDCL for you if you are in the Health Sciences program. However for anyone else who wishes to use these rooms it is first some first serve and anyone from Health sciences can take it from you if they simply go to the HSC office and book it. I just think this is a big disadvantage to non-Health Sciences students especially when most universities pride themselves on fair, fully accessible campus for all students.

Library response:

We have a notice at the desk stating that group study rooms are for the use of 2 people or more.  We had a long discussion about what defines a "group" and decided on two or more - I agree that one person definitely isn't a group.  However, students book as a group then we too see only one person in a room.  But this is an honour system - maybe the second person is out of the room, or hasn't turned up yet, or has left a bit early?  What solution would you suggest? We certainly won't have library staff patrolling and peering in windows! 

Regarding your second point, we only hold a room for 15 minutes after which time it is released to anyone; we have the 15 minute grace period because many students have been held up in tutorials or clinical settings sometimes off campus. 

Abuse of privileges can always happen and I honestly don't believe it is because of the limitations on who can pre-book.  Policies are set on the assumption that students will act in a fair and professional manner. 

I have no control over the MDCL rooms, but will pass on the message.

(Dec 18/09)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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