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(Dec 15/09) The Apple iMacs sport absolutely gorgeous high resolution displays, but the default desktop background on all the iMacs is chunky and gross! Why not put up a high resolution shot of McMaster in its fall glory to show off our campus AND get the most out of what is surely a massive investment?

Library response:

Thanks for the suggestion! We agree that the iMacs have awesome displays and we wish we could take better advantage of them. For now, all our desktop backgrounds are generated from a single source, so we have to use a resolution that works on all library displays. The other complicating factor is that the resolution on the iMacs can be changed by anyone using them, so it's hard to determine the best resolution for the desktop images.

We're definitely aware of the issue though and won't give up on finding a workable solution!

(Jan 31/10)
Answered by: Amanda Etches-Johnson (User Experience Librarian)

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