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(Dec 6/09) For the first couple years of my university career Thode Library was the place to be for those of us who were in need of good, quiet study space. It has proven difficult in the past to find decent study space throughout the rest of campus, and now Thode, a sanctuary of sorts for some of us, has been renovated to be a social hang out. Not only has the first floor been taken over by people who want to hang out but the third floor has been lost to the iSci program which nobody really seems to know what it is. Is anything going to be done about the noise problem in Thode so that we can have a good place to study again? Thank you

Library response:

With the increased traffic in Thode Library we have moved to zoning the

various areas of the library for group study, quiet study and silent study

in an effort to offer spaces which match individual needs (please see for more information

about Thode study spaces).  The first floor has been designated as a

conversation friendly and group learning zone as we find that many students are in need of areas where they can work and study in groups.  The first floor does tend to get noisy, but it works well for those students who require group study areas.


The second floor is a quiet learning zone, and the lower level has a

silent learning zone. Hopefully one of these zones will meet your needs.  In

addition, the service desk will supply you with a set of earplugs if you

find you need them while studying.


The 3rd floor of Thode was recently renovated to create a home for the new Integrated Science (iSci) Program. More information can be found at:

(Dec 16/09)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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