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(Nov 4/09) i had made an inquiry to the Library about the usage of the interview rooms in degroote which have remained and continue to remain unoccupied 24/7. These rooms are right beside innis library and there are HUNDREDS of desperate students looking for some decent study space which could make such productive use out of these rooms yet still my inquiry has thus far not received any response. I would like to know WHOM i should be speaking with about this... i also have noticed that you are not posting my suggestions onto the public is there any valid reason for this? are you condemning freedom of speech? if this is a suggestion board then why arent mine being heard like everyone elses? also i have repeatedly and politely requested that the Library immediately consider making the THIRD ROOM OF MILLS library an absolute silence floor because silence does not appear to be strong enough, nor is it reaching the comprehension of the masses. thank you. are these requests unreasonable? would the library prefer that i draft up a petition and show just how much they ARENT by way of the number of signatures which will appear on this proposition?

Library response:

Thanks for sending in your comments.

For questions about the interview rooms in the DeGroote School of Business, you can contact the Centre for Business and Career Development in room DSB 112 at Ext. 24611 or you can email them at: .  They are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The library has recently zoned our study spaces so users can determine what space is the most appropriate for them. Concerning the Silent Study Room on the 3rd floor of Mills, this room is posted as Silent, as defined below:

Expectation: silence – no talking, socializing, music, laptop or cell phone use – cell phone ringers off
Benefits: quiet and calming environment for reflection, problem-solving, and other complex work on which you need to concentrate
Cautions: zero tolerance for noise
Perhaps in this case it would help to post these conditions in the room.

We’ll work on the appropriate signage for our silent study area soon.  We also encourage users in our silent study area to remind their fellow users that this space is intended to be a silent study area.  Our library staff will do what we can if the noise is excessive.

We appreciate you taking the time to make this suggestion. Let's see what we can do from our side to make it clearer how this type of space is to be used.

Anne Pottier, Associate University Librarian (


(Nov 5/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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