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(Oct 23/09) I was studying on the second floor of Thode (after walking past a Quiet Study Floor sign) when I was interrupted by a long conversation in the stacks nearby. I asked a librarian to intervene, but she refused and implied that it was policy to not stop such talking in the library. May I ask why this is so? The entire first floor has become a Loud Study Floor (even to the point where Ive seen students watching TV episodes on the $3000 Power Macs) and pushed the serious students away. Are we now doing this to the rest of the upper floors? The third floor isnt even accessible for study. Setting aside a corner of the basement is not acceptable after taking away three floors that were previously quiet.

Library response: The libraries do tend to get "louder" at this time of year.  With regard to the second floor of Thode, it has been designated a Quiet Study area which means that normally, conversation is kept to a minimum as people are trying to study.  However, sometimes people may not realize that areas are zoned, and it may be worthwhile in the future for you to let those who are causing the disturbance know that they are in a quiet study area.  Our library staff will do what we can if the noise is excessive, although there is no guarantee that it won't get noisy again soon after.  If you require silent study, you will find numerous study carrels on the lower level of Thode on the north side. Please have a look at our website at for full information on our Learning Zones. I hope that one of these zones will suit your needs. (Oct 29/09)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library),bannisl

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Response to comment: Im sorry that you had a negative experience at Thode Library. I will make sure that staff are aware of what happened to you and that we try to handle these situations better in the future. (2010-01-13)

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