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(Sep 29/09) Hi, This suggestion is regarding the Computer region on the second floor. It has turned into an absolute social area where its becoming very difficult to work. Also, many students (like myself) bring their laptops into this area. Would it be possible to add little holes in the desk to secure our laptop locks? I understand that lost property is our own personal responsibility, but having to pack up your laptop to go to the washroom across the hall is a little irritating. Thank you!

Library response:

Thanks for your comments. We realize it can get quite loud in this area, but we have provided quieter areas for students to use elsewhere in the buidling. Take a look at our new "Zoned Study Space" guide to find the space which will work best for you -

Great idea about providing something to tether laptops to. We did try this in the lobby of Mills, but have found not many people use them. We will see if there is something a little easier to use which we could test out in the Learning Commons area.  Thanks for the suggestion

(Oct 29/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services),bannisl

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